Our products

Our experienced staff are fully trained to offer a range of cuts. From the traditional fore rib bone-in, to the modern butterflied leg of lamb. We can offer you all the advice you need on the best choice for a special occasion, or a simple mid week dinner. Don't be afraid to come into the shop and ask us for ideas! Favourites are salt beef and dry cured English bacon, smoked on the premises to get the best balance of flavour.



Locally reared, hand-picked beef from David Fenner, Bullock Down Farm, Beachy Head. Our beef is hung to perfection and mouthwateringly good. We are very proud of our beef and are always willing to chat in the shop to get you the exact cut that you need. Whether it be a delicious rib eye steak or some beautiful steak for a casserole, diced exactly how you like it, we can fulfil all of your requirements. 



Our gammon and bacon is home cured and smoked on our premises using our own oak smoking process. Using our pork farmers' local, outdoor reared pork, our gammon really is delicious - boil for a couple of hours and then finish off in the oven with a honey glaze and some cloves! We also pride ourselves in delicious pork cuts - a shoulder of pork for a slow cooked, pulled pork, or a juicy pork chop, all skilfully prepared to order. Our pork really is excellent value for money. 



We have a wonderful lamb farmer at Montague Farm, Hankham who keeps us well stocked, whether it be a succulent leg of lamb or some diced lamb for a slow cooker curry. You can come in with your recipe and we will make sure you get exactly what you need. 



Mr Heath's home-made hand linked award winning sausages use a secret recipe handed down from Mr Heath's Grandfather. We offer a variety of flavours, including our traditional seasoned pork sausage or our 'love 'em or hate em' marmite sausage. 

- Mr Heath's special 'herby' sausages, seasoned with sage

- Mr Heath's plain honey roast sausages

- Traditional pork & Leek

- Our Chilli sausage (a Heath favourite for casseroles)

- Hop & Ale (a peppery and supremely tasty option)

- Our Hogroast Sausage (pork & apple)

- Lamb, Garlic & Rosemary




Our free range chickens are raised on a small farm in Arlington. Slow grown and free range, they get to enjoy the outdoors all year. High welfare and feed quality ensures happy and delicious chickens. 



Our free range eggs come from our local suppliers at Park Farm and Gun Hill. 



From a simple apple sauce to our sticky tomato and onion chutney, we have a range of condiments and pickles to accompany our different cuts of meat. Our hot horseradish sauce is a favourite with our customers!



We sell delicious easy to make stuffing, take your pick from Sage & Onion or Parsley & Thyme. We also sell delicious homemade  sausage meat both seasoned and plain if you wanted to create your own. Grandma Heath makes the best sausage rolls with our sausage meat!